A robust fellowship that opens the path to college for high-potential Black youth.

Together, we can ensure LINK Scholars access the path of success.

Our fellowship model closes the gaps, changing the life trajectory and long-term economic stability for our Scholars. And that changes everything.

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Our proven model is advanced through four program elements that shape our Scholars' fellowship journey.

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Our Mentors support our Scholars through their entire fellowship journey.

Junior LINK prepares middle-school students for future success.

LINK Unlimited Scholars launched a robust middle-school program for CPS students called Junior LINK in summer 2020.

LINK Scholars are creating a bright future.

Their success creates a ripple effect in families, neighborhoods, the city of Chicago, and even our entire nation.

Together we impact the life trajectory of our Scholars.

LINK Unlimited Scholars, 2221 South State Street, Chicago, IL 60616-3894 • 312-225-5465 • info@linkunlimited.org