LINK Mentors make a life-changing difference for our Scholars.

LINK Mentors are pivotal to our Scholars’ success.

Our Scholars’ growth and future success is fueled by the unique relationship between LINK Mentors and Scholars. We match civic-minded professionals across a wide range of industries—from education and business to finance and medicine—who all share one goal: to transform the lives of high-potential Black students in Chicago.


Kathy became a LINK Mentor to pay it forward.

“When I became a LINK Mentor, I was excited about the prospect of having a direct—and hopefully positive—impact on the life of high school student. However, I was also a bit nervous about whether I would be able to establish a good connection. I found Noadiyah to be a bubbly, extroverted, funny, sweet, and mature young woman. I am delighted to have gotten to know her!

—Kathy, LINK Mentor 2017–present

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Our Mentors commit to guiding a Scholar for his or her entire fellowship. We provide training and resources to equip and support our Mentors in this vital piece of our fellowship model.

As a LINK Mentor, you will:

  • Be a guide for your Scholar’s high school experience
  • Support your Scholar’s progress in our fellowship
  • Increase your Scholar’s social equity through professional advice & networking

What Mentors Do

Our Mentors walk with their LINK Scholar along their entire journey through their four-year high school fellowship.

Nurture your relationship with your Scholar

We recommend reaching out twice a month via phone, email, text, or video call and arranging at least four in-person engagements a year.

Show your Scholar support by attending three key LINK events

You’ll attend a Class Session, a College Fair, and an End of Year Celebration between September and June.

Make a personal investment in your Scholar’s future

You’ll give an annual financial investment for four consecutive years to help support your Scholar’s success in the fellowship.

The benefits of mentoring are a two-way street.

While many initially become a LINK Mentor as a way to give back, the experience is more than that. Our Mentors find that they receive an abundance of unexpected personal benefits, such as:

Greater self-confidence A lifelong friendship An expanded network Increased patience Feelings of effectiveness & purpose Increased cultural sensitivity Fulfillment of personal values Better handling of challenging situations Personal growth

Together we can change the life trajectory of our Scholars.

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