Strong academic preparation is an important factor in the college admissions process. The foundation of our enrichment efforts begins with a Study Skills course in the summer before 9th grade. Additionally, each summer of high school, scholars are expected to participate in LINK’s Summer Learning Program. LINK Unlimited Scholars provides academic support systems and learning opportunities designed to help scholars successfully complete high school with the necessary preparation to excel in college. Specific academic support is provided and encouraged depending on the needs of the scholar. LINK receives grade reports at each marking period allowing Program Managers to monitor and track course selection and grade performance. Our aim is to ensure scholars are performing at a high-level in the most rigorous courses possible.

For those scholars whose GPAs fall below the minimum expectation:

LINK requires tutoring and study skills development classes throughout the school year.
Designed to help scholars get back on track and develop positive academic behaviors, these session are an element of an intensive academic accountability process in place to ensure our scholars succeed in an academically challenging high school and stay on the college track.