LINK expects our scholars to demonstrate leadership skills by engaging in groups, clubs and organizations – both in their schools and their communities. This involvement is enhanced through LINK’s programs, which stress a strong sense of personal identity, personal growth, human relations, kindness, charity and moral and ethical values.

LINK’s leadership initiative develops leaders while providing training and opportunities to apply their leadership skills in the following activities:

  • Leadership Training Retreats
  • Schmitt Leadership Institute
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Public Speaking Training and Opportunities
  • Teen Worship Service
  • Service Learning Opportunities
  • Personal Development Workshop Series
  • Study Abroad

Integral to one’s personal development is the understanding of various perspectives. To achieve this goal, the scholars are exposed to different backgrounds through their relationships with staff, mentors, and fellow scholars, which lead to new experiences. LINK provides opportunities for all members of the LINK family to become more knowledgeable about, and sensitive to, other cultures through personal contact and informational exchanges. In addition, LINK scholars engage in global experiences through international travel into countries including: Egypt, Japan, Costa Rica, Australia, France, New Zealand, Spain, China and Chile in partnership with American Field Service (AFS) and other travel programs.


One of the most important relationships that will develop as a result of scholar involvement with LINK is the one with their mentor. LINK mentors not only contribute to our organization operational costs, they also impart wisdom and guidance to scholars.

Both parents and scholars must be committed to developing this relationship and keeping it alive. This effort will not only ensure the mentor/mentee pair interacts with each other regularly, it also gives the scholar the opportunity to develop life skills along with a healthy relationship that will serve the scholar well in the academic and professional career.