Education may be LINK’s core, but mentoring is our heart.

As Chicago’s only college and career success organization focused solely on African American youth, LINK Unlimited Scholars has supported more than 2,500 scholars since its founding in 1966. Our mission is unique in that we aren’t just providing our scholars with access to four years of high-quality education and personal and professional development resources. We also pair each and every single scholar with a mentor who is personally invested in their growth and success, and can best support their short- and long- term goals.

Recognized as a Gold Star organization by MENTOR Illinois, LINK has a reputation for meeting or exceeding best practices across six program areas. To build on this standing, we seek out mentors who are civic-minded professionals looking to make a difference in the lives of Chicago youth through personal and financial investment.

Our mentors are instrumental to our program–they not only open doors for our scholars, they open their minds to what the future could hold.

You are the difference-maker.

While we find it essentials to provide our scholars with the academic resources and financial support they need to ensure their own long-term economic stability, we believe the mentor/scholar relationship is what really changes the trajectory of a student’s life.

Not only does your financial investment open our scholars up to academic opportunities they may have not otherwise received, but your personal, one-on-one guidance and network are what enables them to fully realize their dreams.

You provide them with the support they need to falter and still get back up. The inspiration they need to aim higher. The knowledge they need to get it all done, and then some.