Preparing middle-school students for future success.

Our two-year fellowship prepares middle-school students for success.

LINK Unlimited Scholars offers a two-year fellowship for middle-school students that assists with high school placement and college prep. Students who successfully complete Junior LINK are automatically eligible to interview for placement as a LINK Scholar in our four-year fellowship.

Junior LINK participants are nominated by CPS teachers and administrators.

Qualifying students have a minimum 3.2 GPA, are in the 70th+ percentile in Math or Reading and the 90th percentile in attendance, participate in our Junior LINK Meet and Greet, and attend the Junior LINK Orientation.

Are you interested in Junior LINK for your school or your own child? Have your school reach out to learn more!

We provide two years of high school and college prep—for a lifetime of success.

Our proven fellowship model creates pathways to opportunities for middle school students. We provide support and resources to enhance academic performance, engage in social emotional learning through racial understanding sessions, experience true high school choice at our curated high school fair, and explore college campuses.

High School Selection

LINK Unlimited hosts an invitation-only high school fair for all fellowship participants.

Academic Enrichment

Summer Learning Institute is a four-week program preparing students for academic success in their 7th grade courses and testing by focusing on reading, math, and writing skills.

On-Site Tutoring is offered bi-monthly for students with the greatest need (based on NWEA percentiles).

Online Individualized Learning is available on two platforms. Each student receives an individualized plan based on areas of development from NWEA reports.

College Exposure

LINK Unlimited hosts one-day college tours across the city for students and parents to increase understanding of college expectations and requirements.

Leadership Development

Students attend two Saturday Academy sessions to enhance their leadership skills and provide SEL exposure through group discussions, panel presentations, and admission specialists.

Our Scholars are part of the LINK Unlimited community—forever.

Since its inception, LINK Unlimited Scholars has empowered more than 2,500 high-achieving Scholars in realizing their collegiate dreams. The bonds we form with our Scholars last for life.

Together we can change the life trajectory of our Scholars.

LINK Unlimited Scholars, 2221 South State Street, Chicago, IL 60616-3894 • 312-225-5465 • info@linkunlimited.org