College and Career Success

LINK assists scholars and parents in making informed, economically sound college selection decisions by providing information and guidance to help ensure excellent placement with exceptional financial-aid packages. Our families receive in-depth exposure to higher education. This is facilitated through site visits to various universities, motivational talks from LINK Alumni, interaction with college recruiters, information sessions, scholarship & college essay-writing workshops, financial aid sessions, and one-to-one college counseling. Scholars also take a college exam prep class the spring of the junior year leading up to the national test date.

Colleges that LINK scholars have matriculated to over the past four years.

Pipelines to Professions

Communities confront major obstacles when the professional environment is not diverse. This speaks directly to the rapid globalization that necessitates the diversification of professions to remain relevant and appropriately competitive in the global market. Diversity in the workplace has also been found to decrease absenteeism and lawsuits, while increasing marketing opportunities, recruitment, creativity, and business image.

We are excited to launch the LINK Unlimited Scholars Pipelines to Professions Program (P3)! LINK’s new strategic direction includes adding a new career success track for its scholars by implementing “To, Through, and Beyond –Pipeline to Professions”. This new track allows LINK to expand its current four-year program into an 8 to 10-year model.

LINK has identified academia, law, medicine, information technology (IT), hospitality, real estate, and finance as rapid growth industries in dire need of diversification. While some of these fields do not require graduate level degrees for practice, LINK continues to encourage its scholars to seek graduate degrees to ensure competitive earnings and opportunities for advancement and successful entrepreneurial practice. Accordingly, P3 has been designed to directly align with LINK’s College Success Track, which is also being expanded to support scholars through college graduation.

These services and resources will be delivered through a five-phase model, connecting the necessary skill training, immersion experiences (including Career Fairs, panels, internship assistance, corporate visits) and resources with the appropriate grade levels to maximize the efficacy of the program and retention of participants. LINK’s goal is to increase college graduation rates from 68% to 85% by 2020 and provide internships and other experiences that will stop the cycle of poverty prevalent among our youth. Additionally, P3 programming aims for all scholars to attain gainful employment in their chosen professional field within six months of post-secondary graduation, if they have not secured a position through program participation already. LINK strongly encourages scholars to enhance their civic duties by strengthening their ties to communities in need of their support.