Program Overview

LINK Unlimited Scholars’ mission is to connect economically disadvantaged African American high school students with mentors, resources, and foundational skills required for success as they advance into, through, and beyond college.

Candidates must be academically motivated and exhibit a drive to succeed. From there, LINK can help them go anywhere!

All LINK scholars are economically disadvantaged, African-American students. Without LINK, many students would have limited options for a rigorous high school experience that well prepares them for college and success.

In the 2017-18 school year, LINK will launch into the Chicago Public School network, accepting scholars who plan to enroll in a CPS high school starting in the freshman year.  CPS students would not participate in the scholarship component of LINK.  However, there is no distinction made in terms of programmatic offerings among scholars attending public or private partnering high schools.  Each scholar, who is to successfully complete the LINK Unlimited Scholars program will participate in the robust, year-round program, which includes college and career success training, mentorship, summer learning and personal/leadership development



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