Academic Enrichment

LINK Unlimited Scholars provides academic support systems and learning opportunities designed to help scholars successfully complete high school with the necessary preparation to excel in college.  Specific academic supports are provided and encouraged depending on the needs of the scholar.  Additionally, each summer of high school, scholars are expected to participate in LINK’s Summer Learning Program.

Rising Freshman Scholars

  • Required to attend a six-week LINK Unlimited-sponsored summer school session
  • Focuses on English, algebra or pre-geometry, and study skills
  • Classes are held at Fenwick High School in Oak Park, Illinois.

Rising Sophomore Scholars

  • Required to attend a six week LINK-sponsored summer school session
  • Focuses on English (with an intense focus on writing); Math (a focus on pre-geometry and pre-algebra 2/ trig); Identity and Global Awareness. This course will focus on non-cognitive skills and helping our sophomores to understand how they fit into, and can personally contribute to the global world around them. This class will be held five days per week in 65 minute intervals and will be formatted seminar style, with a capstone project presented at the end of the six weeks.
  • Classes are held at Fenwick High School in Oak Park, Illinois.

Rising Junior Class

Studies have shown that test scores are a high predictor of college admissions and scholarship awards; LINK enables economically disadvantaged youth to compete on a level playing field for college admissions testing.

  • Required to attend a four-week ACT foundations class.
  • Focuses on the skills necessary to improve English grammar and vocabulary, Writing, Math
  • On Fridays, students participate in a debate course to enhance their public speaking and presentation skills
  • Classes are held at the LINK Office in Chicago, Illinois

For those students whose GPA’s fall below a 2.80

  • LINK requires tutoring and study skills development classes throughout the school year.
  • Designed to help students get back on task and develop the supplemental support on an as-needed basis to ensure our scholars succeed in an academically challenging high school and stay on the college track.
  • Tutoring sessions are 2 hours and are conducted both one-on-one and in small groups.  In addition to the professional tutors provide through Educational Endeavors.

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