Program Overview

LINK Unlimited Scholars is Chicago’s only college prep and career readiness organization focused solely on African American Youth.

The mission of LINK is achieved through impactful programming, dedicated mentors and financial support from individual donors and corporate and foundation partnerships. LINK’s collective impact develops scholars into lifelong learners and socially responsible citizens, positioning the organization as a premier provider of college and career success programming for African American youth in the Greater Chicago area.

Each year of the High School program framework is executed in two levers: College Success and Career Success. LINK proactively provides academic support to scholars through transition to high school and continues that support throughout.These enrichment offerings bridge gaps in academic preparation and establish the foundation to ensure scholars have more options and opportunities for career success. The community-based program model (out-of-school)is 8-10 years, beginning the summer after 8th grade through college graduation. The program administers a year-round calendar of workshops and experiences. Families only pay fees associated with the Summer Learning Program (3 consecutive summers). Those fees are on a sliding scale/per scholar basis and are established according to programmatic logistical cost.

We selectively partner with high quality, college preparatory high schools that have a proven track record of adequately preparing students for college success. Specifically, we ensure that all LINK partnering high schools offer academic rigor, academic and social supports, and leadership experiences that provide the tools needed to thrive in top-choice higher education institutions. Our partnerships ensure our history of 100% admittance to four-year institutions continues.

All LINK scholars are high potential, African-American students. Without LINK, many students would have limited options for a rigorous high school experience that well prepares them for college and success.

In the 2017-18 school year, LINK launched into the Chicago Public School network, accepting scholars who plan to enroll in a partnering CPS high school starting in the freshman year. CPS students would not participate in the tuition scholarship component of LINK. However, there is no distinction made in terms of programmatic offerings among scholars attending public or private partnering high schools.

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