Mia Stokes
Alain Locke Charter Academy
High School Transition Facilitator

“LINK Unlimited has provided tremendous support for our graduates. The programs, services and dedicated staff at LINK Unlimited have helped our students make a successful transition from 8th grade to high school.”


Anna Harris ’11

“My sponsor has introduced me to the life I can have if I work hard in school. I get a lot of my drive from being around her and being constantly encouraged by her.”

Langston Matthews ‘09

“Patrick Fisher has undoubtedly changed my life in a way that I did not know was possible. His guidance and inspiration has made me a more responsible person and I could not imagine the LINK Unlimited program without Patrick as my sponsor.”


Lloyd Scott ‘09

“LINK Unlimited has provided me with the necessities I need in order to be a successful college student and man on the rise. The staff has been like members of my extended family who give me sound advice, tough, yet constructive criticism, encouragement to do better and to be accountable for my actions. Through this program, I am a better person, student, and prepared for college and beyond!”


Dyllon Young ’11

“LINK Unlimited can be summed up in one sentiment: Life-Changer!  LINK Unlimited has not only cultivated me into the academically superb student that I am today, but it has developed my capability to be an effective and determined leader.  I know that without LINK Unlimited I would have never been presented with all of the great opportunities that I have now and will obtain in the near future.  LINK Unlimited has been the support and resource that I needed to make it through high school.  Everything that LINK has taught me has prepared me for the rest of my life, and for that I am eternally grateful to this simply amazing program.”


Marcus Cook ‘02

“My sponsors have had a tremendous impact on my life. Not only did they make my education possible, but they allowed me to see a life outside of the inner-city neighborhood in which I grew up, obtain a first-class education and provided positive options for my future. Just as important, they were positive role models who I could actually see, feel, speak with, and relate to. I still keep in touch with my sponsors. Mr. Lewis has become a key source for guidance and mentorship for my current enterprise.”


Aamir Walton ’11

“My sponsor, Kevin Gavin, has been the best!  He has changed my life first and foremost by financially providing an opportunity for me to have a quality education.  He has also expanded my horizons to new experiences, foods, places, and life styles.  He’s inspired me to want to become a Link Unlimited sponsor myself in the near future.  I could not have asked for a better sponsor, simply because there is none better!