Academic Enrichment

Our Academic Enrichment program consists of a six-week summer school session required for all rising freshman, sophomores and juniors which begin the second week of June.  This is the first component of the relationship LINK Unlimited builds with our students.  Freshman scholars are required to attend a six-week LINK Unlimited-sponsored summer school session focusing on English and Algebra.  These classes are held at Fenwick High School in Oak Park, Illinois.  LINK Unlimited’s sophomore students also attend Fenwick High School Summer Session, and participate in a  highly competitive and rigorous program, which provides curriculum enhancement and teaches students how to structure time and studies.  LINK students pursue career-orientated courses and prepare for the next levels of math, science and English.

Since studies have shown that test scores are a high predictor of college admissions and scholarship awards; LINK enables economically disadvantaged youth to compete on a level playing field for college admissions testing by providing a four-week ACT foundations class that serves the LINK juniors annually.  These classes are supplemented by courses in Writing and Math.

For those students whose GPA’s fall below a 2.80 LINK offers tutoring and study skills development classes throughout the school year.  These classes are designed to help students get back on task and develop the supplemental support on an as-needed basis to ensure our scholars succeed in an academically challenging high school and stay on the college track.  Helping students overcome academic hurdles not only improves their grades, it can also lead to higher self-confidence from the achievement of overcoming a challenge.  All tutoring sessions are 1.5 hours and are conducted both one-on-one and in small groups.  In addition to the professional tutors provide through Educational Endeavors, LINK Unlimited alumni, mentors and current student’s also serve as volunteer tutors.