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LINK Mentors

While several scholarship programs exist for today’s urban youth, only LINK Unlimited incorporates mentorship as the cornerstone of successful results. Our highly motivated scholars are carefully matched with mentors from Chicago’s business and professional communities to help create strong relationships that span the scholars’ high school careers. LINK mentors provide coaching, advice and motivation, as well as an extended family network.

Becoming a mentor isn’t difficult, but it does require a promise of time and financial support. As a LINK mentor, you commit to:

  •   Making a financial contribution for four years, ranging from $3,000-$7,000 annually, to help offset your scholar’s high school tuition and   programming expenses. The full cost of a tuition scholarship and enrichment programming for one LINK scholar is $7,000 per year. Any   annual contribution over $7,000 helps offset costs for LINK scholars whose mentors may be paying less.
  •   Developing a meaningful relationship with your scholar through 2 monthly contacts, by email, phone, or text, and 3 or 4 in-person interactions   each year to provide valuable academic, professional, and social exposure.
  •   Participating in a few scheduled LINK events, both educational and social, that occur periodically throughout the year (mostly October through   June).

LINK Benefactors and Active Benefactors

If you are interested in supporting a LINK scholar financially, but do not feel you have the time to provide the one-on-one mentorship, consider joining the LINK family as a Benefactor. Many recent LINK alumni want to be involved as mentors, but are unable to meet the full financial requirement for mentorship. Benefactors help offset our costs, allowing us to pair some of our scholars with mentors who are LINK alumni.

As a LINK benefactor, you commit to:

  • Making a financial contribution for four years, ranging from $3,000-$7,000 annually, to help offset one scholar’s high school tuition and programming expenses. Any annual contribution over $7,000 helps offset costs for more than one LINK scholar.

If you are interested in supporting a LINK scholar financially and having some contact, consider becoming an Active Benefactor. As an active benefactor, you and a mentor* will be paired with a specific LINK scholar. Active benefactors receive their scholar’s grade reports and are invited to participate in LINK social events with their scholar throughout the year.

* Many of our active benefactors choose a junior-level professional at their office to fulfill the mentor role.

As a LINK active benefactor, you commit to:

  •   Making a financial contribution for four years, ranging from $3,000-$7,000 annually, to help offset your scholar’s high school tuition and   programming expenses.
  •   Meeting your LINK scholar, reviewing his/her grade reports and having as much contact with your LINK scholar as desired.


What Makes LINK Unique

When you mentor a LINK Unlimited scholar, the positive effects of your contribution extend well beyond the student to their family, their school and their community. You will have the personal satisfaction of knowing that your financial assistance, as well as your mentorship, has changed a young life. Also, through your financial support, LINK Unlimited provides a number of invaluable services customized to meet the specific personal and academic needs of each scholar. As you mentor your LINK scholar, our professional staff provides:

• Tutoring for any scholar who struggles academically. We require that every scholar maintains a rigorous, college-prep course load and a minimum 2.8 G.P.A. Most of our scholars maintain averages well above a 3.3 G.P.A.

• College counseling for every single LINK scholar to ensure their successful admission to a four-year college or university. We offer college visits, family seminars, financial strategies, test preparation, and various college readiness seminars and programs. Our recent graduates attend such fine institutions as Bates College, Bowdoin College, Colgate University, Emory University, Hamilton College, Illinois Wesleyan University, Kenyon College, The University of Pennsylvania, Pomona College, Princeton University, Rice University, Stanford University, Union College, Vanderbilt University, Washington University (MO), and Williams College.

• Preparation of each scholar for the challenges of college life and adulthood. Through retreats, seminars and 1:1 meetings, each LINK sscholar is taught the benefits of goal setting, leadership and positive character development.

Of course, one of the greatest, yet unexpected benefits of becoming a LINK mentor is the feeling of satisfaction you will gain. Our mentors often report that they receive much more from their association with LINK than they give.

For more information about becoming a Mentors download our Mentor Brochure.

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