Application Timeline

      • Between August – November, you should be researching and visiting high schools, attending high school fairs, participating in shadow days, etc.       to determine which high school you will apply to. For Catholic schools, you should take the entrance exam on January 11th at your top choice high       school. For Independent schools, you should contact the school directly to receive information on the testing and application process. Make sure       you turn in your LINK Unlimited application by the deadline – The application deadline for the Class of 2018 is Monday, November 18th, 2013.
      • All complete applications received by the deadline are reviewed from November – mid-December.
      • Approximately 150 qualified applicants and their parent(s)/guardian(s) are invited to interview from early-mid January. LINK will set these       appointments and notify families by mail. ALL families will be notified of their interview status by late December.
      • Candidates are notified of program acceptance by mail by early February.
      • Final scholarship program acceptance will be granted when the following criteria have been met:
           o Sign a LINK Scholarship Agreement
           o Attend a Mandatory 6-week Summer Enrichment Program: All LINK Freshmen will attend an intensive summer enrichment program upon               which full membership will be contingent. The summer school program will take place at Fenwick High School from mid June – late July.               The summer enrichment program incorporates the following: High school level Algebra, English, and study skills
           o Apply to and be accepted to a LINK partnering high school
           o Register at the school by the school’s deadline
           o Complete the school’s financial aid forms by the school’s deadline