LINK Unlimited was founded on five key principles, which are designed to help prepare students for a lifetime of professional success and personal fulfillment-

  • Education- LINK provides support systems designed to help scholars successfully complete high school with the necessary preparation to excel in college.
  • College Readiness & Success- LINK assists scholars and parents in making informed college selection decisions by providing information and guidance to help ensure excellent placement with exceptional financial-aid packages. During the college years, LINK staff offers dedicated support and resources to promote college graduation for all LINK scholars.
  • Leadership Development- LINK prepares its scholars for current and future leadership positions by providing training and experiential learning opportunities.
  • Spiritual Development- LLINK involves its scholars in programs that stress personal growth, human relations, kindness, charity and moral and ethical values.
  • Interracial Harmony- LINK provides opportunities for all members of the LINK family to become more knowledgeable about, and sensitive to, other cultures through personal contact and informational exchanges.